To Our Community of Systems Engineers:

For 35 years the best systems engineering content could be found at the USENIX LISA conference. Today we are announcing that the LISA conference will no longer be scheduled as a standalone conference and that USENIX will continue to offer systems engineering-focused content at SREcon.

Established in 1987, USENIX LISA (originally Large Installation System Administration) was one of the industry's longest-running conferences, and shared content for system administrators, network engineers, security engineers, programmers, researchers, and more. At its largest, LISA ran for six days and attracted more than 1000 attendees and nearly 100 speakers.

LISA was more than a conference: It was a family of friends, technologists, and experts. We hope you will find the same family, and indeed many of the same people, at future USENIX events. More systems engineering-focused content will be available at SREcon beginning in 2022 as a newly-branded track. This will also be a venue where we can expand our family with people from other roles: new friends, technologists, and experts. SREcon welcomes all those who attended and participated at LISA, and will carry on providing the best systems engineering content to the community.

To everyone who invested their time and energy to make LISA what it was—from attending through presenting to organizing—thank you so much. LISA would not have happened without your effort and enthusiasm. We have a lot to be proud of over the last three decades. Let's keep our close-knit community together as we move forward, and we hope to see you in person in 2022.

The LISA Steering Committee

Patrick Cable
Brendan Gregg
Casey Henderson
Cory Lueninghoener
Mike Rembetsy
Amy Rich
Carolyn Rowland